A Human/Turtle Encounter

Posted in Now Showing on September 9th, 2010 by nao

I found a little turtle on my lawn, it wasn’t moving I thought it was dead. I put it in a shoe box. I thought s/he was dead

I soon found out that turtle was very much alive, as it slowly tried to escape! I forgot to ask his/her PGP.

I took the turtle down to the river bank and gave him/her a piece of organic frisee from my garden boxes.

It turns out that the turtle doesn’t want to have anything to do with my pathetic bourgeois attempts to connect with nature!

I can sympathize with her/his perspective.

My little friend can smell the future.

Oh yes my friend seems to know what to do!

Poor little guy must have been dehydrated!

The turtle disappears into the brackish waters of the Hudson River.

OK, this is the part, you may not believe. The turtle swam back, poked his/her head up and said thanks and goodbye to me.

Is it bravery or familiarity that spurs on the turtle?

Just another day living on the mighty Hudson River.

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