Work of Art viewing party guide

Posted in Now Showing on June 3rd, 2010 by nao

How to get the most out your viewing pleasure: It has come to my attention that many of my friends don’t have cable television and many don’t even have televisions! And so it may be necessary and desirable to sprout some official unofficial viewing parties for
Work of Art: the Next Great Artist, premiering on
Bravo, Wednesday, June 9th at 11 PM (EST) and 8 PM (PST).

Here are five fun things to do:

1. Follow my twitter feed ( for real time snarky comments during the show.

2. Buy a t-shirt ( You’ll want a cool, au courant item of clothing to wear to the party and claim your allegiance. Remember, I can’t sell out, if I don’t make money.

3. Encourage your friends to bring mobile computing devices to start conversations online on Bravo’s website you can start new topics or respond to others (
Other notable forums may be found at and

4. Post any interesting related links that you find to my public facebook site:

5. Why not make it a themed potluck? I like an “Apocalyptic Luau.” Always a classic…

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