The Circle Is Now Complete

Posted in Sundance, film on January 25th, 2010 by nao

Fun Fact: Warhol was called “Drella” by his friends, a condensed version of Dracula and Cinderella. The nickname is attributed to Lou Reed, who felt it fit both sides of Warhol’s persona.

In 1964, Warhol cast Jack Smith as Dracula in his film Batman/Dracula. According to Warhol, Smith “really got into the part. He claimed that as he put his makeup on, he was slowly transforming himself, letting his soul pass out through his eyes into the mirror and back into him as Dracula, and he had this theory about how everyone was ‘vampirical’ to a certain extent because they ‘made unreasonable demands.’ ”

In Batman/Dracula, my impression is that Smith ends up taking over the film with his strong presence. Watch it and decide for yourself.

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