New Media Parabolic Solar Cooker

It is too hot for cooking in the house. So thought it’d be a good time to experiment with solar cooking… I call it the New Media cooker, but maybe it’s more accurate to call it the film/video cooker. The reason being instead of a black pot, I used black wrap or black foil, which is used for shuddering the hot lights of production. I also used gaffers tape to put my parabolic shape together. I know, I know, black wrap and gaffer’s tape are expensive, but they can be reused over and over! And I already had em. Which works well with one of my philosophies, shopping at home…

New Media Cookery

On the deck, too hot to cook inside.

car windshield sun reflector
shaped with gaffer’s tape
little rack from old toaster oven
pot of food, covered in blackwrap
a oven cook bag (can also be reused)
an elastic hair band (to make a tight seal on the plastic bag)
a bucket to rest and turn the parabolic cooker in
apparatus detail

I had to use oven mitts!

You can tell were the sweet/hot spot is in the cooker when you are turning it, which is here and there as the sun shifts.

I’m making a bread cooker next out of a shoe box.

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