Nao vs. “Nao”

Nao: Well, first let me say how great it is to finally sit down and get a chance to talk to you!

“Nao:” Right? It’s been totally nutso!

Nao: I wonder if I can ask you anything that will surprise you or catch you off guard, given that this is a self-interview? Which, btw, the idea is ripped off Hayley Newman, the amazing performance artist…

“Nao:” Yes, I’m also a fan of Hayley’s… let’s see what happens.

Nao: Ok ok, there seems to be a lot of discussion about Nao vs. “Nao.” You know… were you acting on “Work of Art?”

“Nao:” We are all performing our roles constantly. It’s very difficult to get outside of performing. When I manage that, it’s very dislocative. This “reality” that we are placed in, is nothing like the reality that I have created for myself as an artist, etc… but we are still expected to perform as if it is. I prefer the term unscripted.

Nao: Yes, but don’t you run into the same problems with that alternate term?

“Nao:” I suppose. Forget I said that.

Nao: I can’t this is a direct transcribed interview. And the idea that you would be more comfortable with one problematic term over another is very telling.

“Nao:” Actually this interview is making me uncomfortable.

Nao: Ok, ok, did you make any good friends on the WOA set?

“Nao:” We couldn’t really engage with production, although I had a huge crush on one of the producers, who was so kind to me at the first episode shooting, which was a nightmare for me! I thought Nicole was my BFF, but it turns out she was everyone’s BFF. I can’t believe how chummy she is with everyone still. I mean, doesn’t she have a job or something? We have this thing we do all the time. We refer to everything as n², that’s supposed to be N squared.

Nao: uh huh, that’s cute, but what happened on the first episode that was so upsetting?

“Nao:” Didn’t you watch? I can’t talk about anything that wasn’t on camera…

Nao: ok, ok, I saw your show up at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions and I was really stunned! Did Miles’ Death Portrait of you from episode 1 effect your choices around your “Deathbed” photo installation?

“Nao:” OK, for the last time, I made the “Deathbed” photo months before I had ever heard of Miles Mendenhall!
Nao in Death, Miles' Death Portraid
Nao: You seem like an angry and aggressive Woman…

“Nao:” If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention!

Nao: ok, ok, I guess with the oil spill and the wars and genocide and all, it must be difficult just to focus on you.

“Nao:” Yes, it’s been hard to keep the focus on myself. But, I really try. I mean I’m not curing cancer here. Some art might be curing cancer, but mine is not. I wish it would, but it’s not…

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