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America, the beautiful


Duration: 5 mins.?
Media: Mixed Media Installation
Date: 2003

Description:The first conscious recollection of the on call control of the emotional body came, when I was about 11 and I wanted to stay home from school to watch an afternoon of Gene Kelly musicals. I quickly realized if I thought about the death of my poodle, Chucha, that I could tear up and present a convincing picture of unfettered distress. The replay of a sad future moment; The way that I would feel, A carefully formatted scene that consistently conjured pure and raw uncontrollable emotion. Here in the video aspect of a recently presented installation called Neapolitan, I replay the end scene of the famous Guiterrez film, Strawberry and Chocolate (Fresa y Chocolate). In this scene the two main characters hug, that’s it, they hug, a plump moment of relief and connection for the emotional body. The music swells and so do my eyes. I cry every time, inducing a momentary emotional response by technical manipulation of my psyche.
An emotional vibrator of sorts…

Venues include: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts