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Duration: 15 mins.
Media: Performance
Date: 1992

Description: "Indigurrito" is Nao Bustamante's contribution to the many performances that commemorated the 500 anniversary of the conquest of America. The title mixes the term "indigenous" with "burrito," the name of the famous Mexican wrap. In the performance, Bustamante challenged the white men in the audience to go onstage to express their apologies for the years of oppression of indigenous peoples by eating a piece of a burrito that Bustamante had strapped on to her hips. With humor and sarcasm, Bustamante addressed the issues that the 500-year commemoration brought to collective attention. Her piece also denounces how art institutions forced artists to pay tribute to the date if they wanted to get funding.

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Venues include: Mardi Gras, Sydney, Australia; Diviasiones, Madrid, Spain; Body Act, Malmo, Sweden; Update,Copenhagen, Denmark; Terreno Peligroso/Danger Zone University of California, Los Angeles; XĂ­Teresa, Arte Alternativo,Mexico City; Bay Area Dance Series, Laney College, Oakland, CA; Fierce Tongues: Women of Fire Festival, Highways, Santa Monica, CA; Post-Colonial California, San Francisco State University; 1994 A Day Without Art, Southern Exposure; La Panaderia, Mexico City; Mirror, Mirror, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA; Sor Juana Festival, Chicago Mexican Museum Center of Fine Art; Junge Hunde, Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany: Bimbotown, Liepzig, Germany: International Festival of Physical Theatre, Jerusalem, Israel; Diverse Works, Houston, Texas